Monday, January 21, 2008

Myth That I Promised

Here is the post for the second myth that I promised to go over. Before I start, I'd like to thank anyone that has been reading, and if you wish, please, leave your comments. I cannot improve without criticism, or even compliments, so let either or both fly. I'd even love to hear any requests for what to cover, later on; see what the reader wants. I check this Blog, daily, and update it daily, as well. That said, moving on the the Kuntilanak, from Southeast Asia.

There are a few differences within the myth, depending on the area, but here are the details of the one I am covering. The Kuntilanak is said to often appear as a beautiful women, and men that are not careful will be killed, some opinions, a worse fate..castrated. When it attacks, it becomes a rather horrid creature, and is said to feed from a hole in the back of it's neck, that is, normally, covered by it's long, black hair. It is, also, known to eat babies and attack pregnant women, causing the loss of the child.

Kuntilanak are said to come from women that died in labor, and whom became undead to gain her revenge for such a tragic end. Now, to point out one of the other forms of this myth, popular within Malaysia, we have the Langsuir, which is similar, but rather than taking on the look of a beautiful women, it possess the body of it's victum and drains them from the inside, causing much more suffering, over a longer period of time. The Langsuir not only feeds differently, but looks far more different, being described as an angry, hateful, scary spirit, with long fangs, rotting face, claws, and red eyes.

Now, it is said that, to fight off a Kuntilanak, one needs a nail, which they shove into the apex of it's head, and then remove it. In another myth, it is said that one must only shove it's own hair into the hole from which it feeds to drive it off. And for the Langsuir, there is a way to bury the dead to prevent one from ever rising. The corpse's mouth is filled with glass beads, eggs are places under the armpits, and needles are placed into the palms. And, with that, another post is wrapped up. Again, any suggestions or requests, comments, et cetera, let the comments come. More to come, tomorrow.

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