Friday, January 18, 2008

An Introduction

Well, as stated, this is a Blog about all things Vampire. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for all of the little bits of information you can find, fact and fiction, to educate and entertain--all in my opinion, of course. To start, let's cover some of the different types that there are; only the basics, to start. You have the standard blood-drinker, you have the psi-vamps, that feed off of the very energy of a person, instead of blood, you have the Sanguine, which is little more than an average person, but whom has an urge to drink blood, and does so, more as a life choice. Now, one may be thinking "That's only three. I was sure there were more." Well, there are, but I'd consider that the core, because the list of different types of blood drinking and mental draining vampires, through many cultures and times, is rather large, so we'll have a lot to cover, in the future.

The myths about these paranormal creatures have always been a wide mix, depending on where you are and who you ask. Some say they can shapeshift, others say they are killed by sunlight and crosses, others say they canot be harmed by anything. Some were once human, others were always demonic, some call it a possession by evil forces, others call it a sickness. But one things that stays common with our first type of vampire is that they drink blood to keep themselves strong and existing. They cannot gain what their body needs on their own, so, instead, they drain the blood of other lifeforms to get the nutrients already in the strem. We'll cover the many myths and differences, as well as major myths in history, later on, but for now, let's move on.

Psychic vampires have never been so straight-forward. Some call them Psi vampires, or just "Psi", but some, also, call vampires "Vampyres", which I will not do, so Psychic vampire will work. Many of the myths say they drain the very essence of a person's life to live; the soul, so to speak, others say it is only the mental energy of a person. Some have called them creatures, like their blood-drinking counter-parts, others claim they are only people, but one's that are psychic and drain others to keep themselves going, either doing so willingly or otherwise...and some even tend to call people that are a general pain to you vampires; whether it be that bragging co-worker that never stays silent or your nagging In-Law. The one common theme, though, is that when a person is hit by one, they are left feeling drained and tired.

Finally, Sanguines. If this term is unfamiler to you, it is a word used for a person that simply desires to drink the blood of others, wihout being paranormal or having fangs, or any of that. The "Spooky" kid, all in black, can be one, the woman in the cubical across from you, in that powder-blue pantsuit, can be one; it doesn't matter. There are myths, here, too. People that do this are unaware of the risks, and have blood diseases, are pale and sickly, or are generally dark, sinister types, and that people that do this do it for attention. Again, these are myths common to any group, but we'll cover these, later on. Remember, while some do this just to fit in or stand out, some do it because it is who they are. That is it, for this post, but I'll add much, much more information, in my next ones, so, until then, all take care, and I hope this was enjoyable.

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