Friday, January 25, 2008

He's French, and Here's His Post

I should apologize for a slight posting delay. But, here it is, and better late than never. In my last post I covered the Vampire Chronicles that Anne Rice it would only be right to cover some of the characters, as well. I'll cover a bit of them, but for now, as he often gets, it is time to give Lestat the spot light. Every fangirl seems to love Lestat, to their very core, and some of the fanboys, as well, I am sure, but who is he, really?

Lestat de Lioncourt, being his full name, lived in Franch in the 1700's, and was the seventh son to a nobel family...though, they were forced to live a rather poor life, due to poor choices by others within the family. The story of his name is said to be that his mother took the first letter of each sibling's name together to form it. A rather large moment in his life was when he went to hunt a pack of wolves that were bothering the town. They killed his hounds and horse, and nearly him, but he fought off and killed them, all...and this event seemed to effect him, deeply, and, really, was what made him become a vampire, in a way.

The wolf attack left him rather depressed, and he soon changed his path in life, heading to Paris to be an actor with his friend, Nicolas. Soon, Lestat is viewed by a rather old vampire named Magnus, who was looking for a young man with Lestat's look, with the blonde hair, and the like, and so, later abducts him. He killed many of the others he tried, but luckily for him, Lestat seemed to be good enough for him. Magnus gave Lestat the gift of vampirism, gave everything he had to him, then burned himself to ashes.

Lestat, much later, comes to Nicolas, but rarely shows himself, driving him to near-maddness. When he finally does see Lestat, again, and he refuses to share the Gift with him, it only serves to make him angry at Lestat, and drive his world view into an even darker state. However, he gets his wish, much later, when he his kidnapped by a group a vampires, and fed on, endlessly, without death coming, which is hell to him...but he is saved by Lestat, whom laters turns him, though, really, in my opinion, it would had probably been to end his stream of cursing, if nothing else. Lestat, later on, heads to the New Orleans, and gives the Gift to another, to gain use of his plantation, or out of a love of the man...depends on which view you have--Louis, but we'll cover him, later. Lestat brings his aged and blind father to the plantation, and they both live there, with Loius, until his father passes, and the plantation is burned down when suspicions of what the pair are gets the best of the slaves and they torch it.

Both Louis and Lestat escape, and spend much time traveling. Lestat views Lious as a student, of sorts, but, really, Lestat never had a teacher in the ways of Vampirism, so they are both learning as they go, in a sense. There is much more to cover, but it's all just too much information to fit in one post, so, I'm going to brake this one up. Tomorrow shall be on the rest of Lestat's information, namely the child he and Louis "Adopt", so to speak. Until then, farewell.

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