Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lestat, Continued

As promised, here is part two of my Lestat post, to add on to information of the character. Thus far, I've been following a loose timeline, in a way, which I will continue, but towards the end, I shall add on some facts that I lelt out of the timeline, due to the post's size.

Now, as said in my last post, Lestat and Loius had adopted a a sense. Lestat had always been tring to get Loius to feed, normally, rather than snacking on rats and other odd animals, but he, often, refused. However, one night, he was wandering about the city, when he heard someone crying; a child. He looked through a window and saw that it was a young child of about five or six years, trying to get her mother to wake up...she had died, however, so there was no waking for her. Lious was just overcome by the scene, and in a moment of personal weakness, he fed from the child, leaving her very near death.

Lestat, upon hearing of this event, goes out to find the girl, in order to turn her into a vampire. His thought was that if he turned her, and gave her to Loius to look after, it would bind him to Lestat, due to his fears that Lious would soon go off on his own, sick of Lestat's behavior. This plan does work, in a way, and Lious becomes almost like a mother to the girl, Claudia, with Lestat being much like a father figure, spoiling her, and the like. However, Lestat made a rather foolish mistake in turning her, because it damned her to a life of being such a young child, forever, but having the mind of a grown woman. She soon grows to hate Lestat for what he did, and for who he is, and tricks him into drinking from a boy who was dead from poison. She then slits his throat and stabs him, many times, in the chest. Then, with Lious help, they dump him in the swamp.

Needless to say, this did not work, and Lestat was soon back, along with a pianist that he turned. A struggle breaks out, but Lious and Claudia escape, setting the home they were living in aflame as they escape. Both of them have their own story, but this post was on Lestat, after all. Before he turned Nicolas, he turned his mother, Gabrielle, who was dying of a sickness, at the time, and to whom he shared a strong relationship. After turning Nicolas, and having him reject Lestat as his maker, out of maddness, Lestat brought him to Armand, then left Paris to explore the world, as did his mother. Due to his nature, he is often called the "Brat Prince" by the older vampires...which fits rather well. Lestat was also able to become a very powerful vampire, for his age, only being below those that out-age him by millennia, due to the events of the Queen of the Damned novel, which will be explained, at a later time. To end this, Lestat is the type that will, often, avoid speaking of his flaws, and will say about anything to make himself seem better than he is...but, at times, he does seem to be a good.."person", despite how he acts, at times.

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